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Shall We Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shall We Dance - Essay ExamplePeople when exposed to the urban life have to strongly adapt the way the life must go in there. However, just like Sugiyama who lives in the suburb, way far beyond the very demanding city life, he must face the reality, and that is to create a balancing act between varying roles and the desired personal achievements.In this paper, the proponent tries to explicate the very point on how a built environment comes into existence on the basis of the movie film “Shall we dance?� For this reason, the proponent clearly elaborates the need to understand actual daily life’s activities and the places normally that have to be taken into account by the Japanese together with their existing culture in order to fulfill personal achievements and to go on with life. Substantial idea about the community environment, as a component of planning, is integrated in the discussion, prior to considerable understanding of the actual built atmosphere.

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